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About Freight


How long does it take to set up an account with Hot Shot Logistics?

It takes about one minute, we just need your address and phone number.


How can I save money using Hot Shot Logistics’ warehouse and deliverie?

Many companies don’t utilize their complete warehouse space, or need a full time dock worker, or use a fork lift enough to justify a the expense.

Most times when you take in consideration the truck, maintenance, insurance, drivers, and fuel expenses Hot Shot can do you deliveries much less expensive than you think.


What if I need an office to operate from along with warehouse space?

No problem at Hot Shot we also have air conditioned office space available.


Is it possible to run my national business in AZ, without even being there?

Yes, at Hot Shot Logistics we can warehouse your products, and make your deliveries and your clients won’t even know your not here.


I’m currently using a self storage that I run my business from, how are you different?

Hot Shot Logistics is a full service warehouse, we have four docks and fork lifts for easy loading and unloading your products, with warehouse staff to unload your merchandise. Our warehouse is cooled for your comfort.


What size deliveries do you do?

We do deliveries from an envelope to full trailers. At Hot Shot we have cars, pick ups, vans, and box trucks.


I have a 2,000 lb pallet, can you take this?

At Hot Shot Logistics all of our box trucks have a hydrolic lift gates, and the drivers carry pallet jacks.


My driver is stuck in AZ and he needs to move on, can you help?

Yes, at Hot Shot we offer cross docking, and we will deliver your product to your customer at your customers convience.